Red Bull King of the Rock 2012 - Final

Red Bull King of the Rock 2012


NBA球星朗度(Rajon Rondo)現場觀賽


Red Bull King of the Rock賽事港澳區決賽剛圓滿結束,方誠義在NBA球星朗度及過千名球迷現場見證下,擊敗其餘63名籃球高手,登上冠軍寶座,並將代表香港及澳門於9月22日出戰在美國惡魔島上進行的世界冠軍賽,競逐成為Red Bull King of the Rock終極王者。


本屆決賽共64名籃球好手參與,他們在早前7場的資格賽上勝出,取得決賽參賽資格。決賽在灣仔修頓室內球場舉行。現場除了有過千名球迷觀賞外,Red Bull更請來NBA波士頓塞爾特人(Boston Celtics)明星控衛朗度(Rajon Rondo)親臨觀戰,令現場氣氛空前高漲。


剛成為今屆Red Bull King of the Rock港澳區冠軍王者方誠義(阿Ga)在賽後登上大型駁船上,以維港為背景拍照紀念。他表示:「打入今屆決賽令我感到很興奮,能夠脫穎而出實在有點意外。我自小已很喜歡籃球,這次能夠在球星朗度的見證下奪得冠軍,對我來說絕對是一次寶貴的經驗。我希望能夠一鼓作氣,在世界冠軍賽爭取更佳的成績。」方誠義將代表香港及澳門出戰在9月22日於美國惡魔島上進行的世界冠軍賽,競逐成為Red Bull King of the Rock世界冠軍的殊榮。賽事將以單對單形式進行5分鐘的比賽,勝出者將繼續進行比賽,直至終極王者誕生。


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Southorn Indoor Court in Wan Chai played host to some exhilarating basketball on Saturday as the Hong Kong and Macau leg of the Red Bull King of the Rock series reached a climatic end. 64 talented finalists battled it out on court under the watchful eye of NBA star Rajon Rondo, having won their place through a series of arduous pre-qualifying tournaments staged across Hong Kong and Macau.


After some thrilling contests in this unique one-on-one basketball series which demands high levels of both physicality and skill, it was Ga Fong from Tuen Mun who came out on top, beating stiff competition from fellow finalist Chan Wing Wai 7 – 10 in the five minute thriller, to book his place at the World Final on September 22nd on the infamous island of Alcatraz, USA where he’ll have the honour of representing Hong Kong and Macau. The World Final will be played in the notorious prison yard on the island, in an experience unlike anything else in sport.


Winner Fong said: ‘What a day! It’s been exhausting but I’m so proud to get through: I know the World Final will be really tough but I can’t wait to get to the US to represent Hong Kong and play on Alcatraz – it really is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.’


The event, which was held at the Southorn Indoor Stadium in Wan Chai, attracted some stardust in the form of Red Bull Athlete and Boston Celtics NBA star Rajon Rondo. The American point guard is the official ambassador for Red Bull King of the Rock 2012 and is well qualified for this role after experiencing the explosive talent that was showcased at the King of the Rock World Final in 2011.

After a day of thrilling basketball, Fong will face an even tougher test at the World Final where he will battle against finalists from all over the world in a bid to be crowned the Red Bull King of the Rock. The competition will be ruthless, but there can only be one victor – at the end of the day it’s win, or go home.


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